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Azure PoC in the Box

Access to Paris and Marseille AZURE Datacenters with embedded orchestration solution

Microsoft has chosen to rely on ActiveEon to ease cloud migration and help its customers in their digital transformation.

Along with the opening of two brand new Azure regions in France, ActiveEon and Microsoft launch “AZURE PoC in the Box” providing access to small and large number of Azure VMs, with embedded orchestration and scheduling solution to test workload execution on Azure Cloud.

“AZURE PoC in the Box” enables users to take advantage of the Azure solution preview, with distribution and parallelization of IT jobs and all Big Compute treatments: finance, risk management and regulatory treatments, scientific calculations, industrial simulations, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, Factory of the Future, and general IT everyday workload.

The offered solution also allows to test hybrid solutions, automatically connecting any on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud.

ActiveEon has achieved a lot of successful migrations of critical business applications towards Azure Cloud with large worldwide companies, for instance in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Azure PoC in the Box users will also benefit from that experience and from the description of those use cases.

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