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Why choose ProActive by Activeeon

Many of our new customers, while facing the challenges and opportunities of Digital Transformation, take advantage of their modernization and/or Cloud Migration to replace their legacy Scheduler/Orchestrator with ActiveEon's innovative Open Source solution.

Just to name few, BMC Control-M, CA Autosys and Automic (UC4, $-Universe, One Automation), IBM Workload Automation (formerly Tivoli), Tibco Data Synapse, IBM Symphony, IBM LSF, Oozie, Yarn, Azkaban, Mesosphere, AWS Batch and Step functions, are being advantageously replaced with ActiveEon's Open Source, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

Here are some of the technical reasons:

ActiveEon scheduling and orchestration solution compared to competitors:

Workload Automation
Big Compute & Big Data Schedulers
ActiveEon Scheduler BMC Control-M CA AutoSys & Automic IBM Workload Automation (Tivoli) Tibco Data Synapse IBM Symphony IBM LSF Oozie Yarn Azkaban Mesosphere AWS Batch
Scalability Yes, 10K nodes No No No Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes Partial
Performance Yes, very high No No No Partial Partial Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes
Workflow expressivity Yes, any language, advanced structures No No No No No No Partial No Partial No No
Powerful Scheduling (priority, etc.) Yes, dynamic priorities Static Static No Yes Yes Yes Partial No Yes No Partial
Resource management Yes, multi-sources and policies No No Partial No No Single cluster N/A Hadoop only N/A Single cluster No
Modern / open architecture Yes, microservices, all with REST API No No No No No No N/A Hadoop only N/A C plugin Yes
Cloud integration Yes, multi-clouds with native hybrid architecture No No Yes No No No No No No No Single cloud
Available on-prem Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Big data orchestration & metascheduling Yes Yes Yes No No No No Partial (Hadoop only) No Partial (Hadoop only) Partial (resource only) No

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