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logo creos, energy company

“Activeeon won a CREOS call for tenders at the end of 2019 for a scheduling solution for IT technical workflows. There were initially 8 international competitors. We particularly appreciated the user-friendliness and modernity of the user interfaces, the expressiveness of the workflows and multi-environment support. We appreciated the professionalism, competence and responsiveness of Activeeon, and their ability to understand our problems and provide us with very effective solutions.”

Operating Engineer, CREOS

logo epsilon, digital marketing company

“We compared commercial and open source solutions. ProActive Solution matched our needs for a robust open source based job scheduling software. We appreciated ProActive software interface, its elegant look and feel along with support for complex workflows through its intuitive interface.”

Narasimha Raju
Lead Software Development Engineer, Epsilon USA - Publicis GROUPE

logo inrae, biothech company

“The ProActive product perfectly integrates into a hybrid multi-platform architecture. The usage of ProActive allowed us to have a trivialized approach to our processing infranstructure which includes Linux and Windows computers and GPU. This product helped us reduce operational costs by 10.”

Nicolas Pons
Head of InfoBioStat Platform, INRAE MetaGenoPolis

logo legal and general, insurance company

“Thanks to ProActive and additional optimizations we made along the way with Azure, the batch time which previously was taking us 18 hours, is now down to 5 hours, and by the end of the year, my hope and expectation is to go definitely below 4 hours and possibly less by having more grid hosts and more capacity.”

Guido Imperiale
Lead Integration Engineer, Legal & General

logo Capgemini, consulting company

“ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is the only solution capable to Schedule any Big Data Analytics, mono-threaded, multi-threaded, multi-core, parallel and distributed.”

CapGemini Lead Engineer for Home Office

logo aker systems, consulting company

“Your configuration worked beautifully! Thank you a lot for your work on this! I wish all support I dealt so far in my life was done in such professional manner, with a great understanding of the solution and (what’s more important) what I tried to achieve! Please pass my thanks to all Team!”

Pawel Niemiec
DevOps & Data Engineer, Aker Systems

They chose ProActive solutions to automate their workloads and schedule jobs

L’OREAL (Cosmetics), France
L’ORÉAL Research & Innovation uses ProActive Workflows & Scheduling for management and real-time scheduling of scientific computations in R.

CEA (Nuclear), France
CEA uses ProActive Workflows & Scheduling for acceleration of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) for nuclear energy with CIVA Extende simulation software.

INRA (Genomic), France
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling boosts productivity of MetaQuant Platform at INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) centre in Jouy-en-Josas near Paris. Activeeon solution performs distributed processing of DNA sequencing data and offers optimization of time and resource consumption over a petabyte of data processed.

CNES (Aerospace), France
CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales) works with Activeeon on Sentinel satellite imagery analysis as part of PEPS (Plateforme d’exploitation des produits Sentinel) project. ProActive Workflows & Scheduling performs satellite imagery processing at scale with cloud bursting elasticity.

La Francaise Asset Management (Finance), France
With four core activities - securities, real estate, investment solutions, and direct financing - La Française deploys its multi-affiliate business model with institutional and private clients, both in France and abroad. Today, it is present in major European cities, in the United States and in Asia.

Médiamatrie (Media), France
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling shortens the time of analysis of TV audience measurability for Médiamétrie.

Home Office (Government), UK
Activeeon’s ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is involved in two projects at the Home Office (UK Ministry of Interior) : visa applications and crime reduction. The Home Office performs scheduling and orchestration of ETL jobs, using ProActive Workflows & Scheduling which also meets High Availability requirements of the organization. Activeeon team helped the customer build a consolidated data lake and analytics platform to be used for Homeland Security applications.

Legal & General (Finance), UK
Legal & General has been engaged into a very innovative Digital Transformation, which goes from the services offered to its customers to the management of its IT Applications and Infrastructure. As part of this strategic evolution, Legal & General worked together with ActiveEon to replace 2 solutions (Tibco DataSynapse and IBM AlgoBatch) with ProActive Workflows & Scheduling, and migrate the Solvency calculation application to Microsoft Azure cloud. Activeeon solution is used for financial risk computations based on C++ and workflows with distribution and parallelization, and cloud bursting elasticity.

Mining Indusry (IoT), USA
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is used for predictive analytics on IoT sensors data for mining machines. The solution orchestrates and schedules analytics workflows at scale over the cloud. Activeeon provided the customer with a unique workflow to handle job submission based on dynamic inputs.

Sea Engineering (Research), USA
The USA-based company SeaEngineering is using ProActive for parallel processing of very large distributed CFD tasks. The executing of OpenFoam toolbox is specifically integrated in ProActive solution.

IRT Saint-Exupéry - Thales Alenia Space (Aerospace), France
The CIAR (Chaine Image Autonome et Réactive) project of the IRT Saint-Exupéry uses ProActive AI Orchestration from Activeeon on its development platform which allows to develop (code and train) neural networks (CNN/FNN/SNN) then to implement them on different execution targets (SoC/FPGA/GPU) to make the inferences. This project involves several companies including Thales Alenia Space and Advans Group as well as academic partners (Inria, CNRS). The ProActive AI Orchestration solution is being used to accelerate the production of Machine Learning models, and also to improve their accuracy. Thereafter it should also allow us to automate the HW implementation.

CHUV (Centre Hospitalier universitaire vaudois), Switzerland
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is used by CHUV for MRI images processing on local and HPC clusters. Activeeon provided CHUV with a flexible solution to enable interoperability between heterogeneous infrastructures. With ProActive Workflows & Scheduling, CHUV defined workflow models for launching data management jobs taking into account data location.

Epsilon (Media), USA
Epsilon purchased ProActive Workflows & Scheduling in order to replace their legacy in-home-built scheduler as part of the modernization of the workload scheduling system. The company uses workflows, scheduler, resource manager, catalog and scheduler GraphQL APIs. Activeeon solution is used for advanced email notifications policies for job execution monitoring and logging and and Oracle database integration.

CREOS (Electricity networks and natural gas pipelines), Luxembourg
ProActive has been chosen by CREOS for scheduling, automation & IT workflow orchestration.

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