New features available
ProActive Wokflows & Scheduling 7.17 is out!
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Studio tooltips
Manual tasks to send email and web notification messages and to pause Job until user validation
Notification portal to resume paused jobs
Amazon S3 plugin for file management with DataSpaces
- Docker images now available for Scheduler and Resource Manager

Upcoming events 

OW2con'16: "Code to product: Addressing the delivery challenge of open source software."

Join us for the annual event OW2con'16 at Paris Mozilla Space on the 21-22nd September featuring ProActive conferences:
Automating performance testing over the Cloud with CLIF and ProActive Workflows
Speakers: Bruno Dillenseger (ORANGE), Brian Amedro, Denis Caromel, Laurent Pellegrino (Activeeon)
ActiveEon's OW2 ProActive accelerates, automates and scales metagenomics analytics as well as IoT treatments
Speakers: Denis Caromel, Fabien Viale, Tobias Wiens (Activeeon)
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Deploy a ProActive cluster using Docker by Tobias Wiens
Submitting ProActive Worlflows with Linux cURL by Marco Castigliego
Manual tasks to Send messages and Notifications, or to Pause Job for human Validation

OW2con'16 Speakers: