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New Major Release 7.3 with Full Docker Support...
Use Case: Stock Market trading: 1 000 Nodes on Amazon!
We wish you a Happy 2016!
ActiveEon Laureate of the prestigious CRIP - IT Innovation Awards. January 18th 2016

ActiveEon at Big Data France-Israel, Tel-Aviv 
ActiveEon will be at the Big Data France-Israel meeting organised by the French Embassy, Cap Digital, CCIIF, FrenchTech, and Business France, Feb. 2nd 2016, 18:30, Herz Lilienblum Museum, Tel-Aviv.
Contact-us to receive an invitation. 

Financial Use Case: Stock Market trading with ActiveEon on Amazon Web Services
ActiveEon solution allowing to execute and schedule over a 1 000 Nodes on AWS! Checkout the Use case and Achievement from Alegro company based in Tel-Aviv.

Release 7.3 is out ! Try it!
A major achievement featuring:

Full Support for Docker Environment
Just take a Docker Image from a Hub, give it a File System, and with no change, Deploy it, Run it, Orchestrate it as a simple Task on any resource.
Launch seamlessly any Task in a Docker Container, the Docker-compose files are automatically generated. Focus on your applicative Task, not Docker internals! Check Documentation

Workflow Catalog & Repository
Offer a repository of workflows to query and find the proper workflow(s) according to your needs Life-Cycle management of Workflows. Search with powerful filtering APIs on Name, Project, Teams, Departments, Location, Project, etc.
Submit to the Scheduler directly from the Workflow Repository. Check Documentation

Cloud Connectors
New Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Check Documentation

Generalization for all Execution Environment
Full control of execution parameters and environment for any type of Task. Check Documentation

New Cloud Service for Provisioning
Generic API for Resource Manager, Tasks, etc.
Check Documentation

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