Big Compute, Big Data, Cloud-Based HPC:
The Convergence

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More and more of ActiveEon customers are running our solutions in the Clouds. Some of these have migrated entirely to the cloud, with others taking advantage of ActiveEon's capacity to set up a secured, hybrid cloud with full elasticity, both on-prem and in the Cloud. ActiveEon customer cases are now a mix of Big Compute and Big Data. Coming initially from the HPC world, ActiveEon knows how to spell S.C.A.L.E!
Get information about our new customer cases:
1 000 nodes on AWS for Algorithmic Trading
100 000 Jobs/day for ETL Big Data Integration
Slurm and AWS integration in a BioMedical Customer Case
Solvency II financial simulations
IoT on Amazon AWS: Internet of Things for a large mining company
Tera Data analysis in Genomics
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"The Convergence of Big Compute and Big Data in Cloud-Based HPC"

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