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In our current world, where data is growing exponentially, processing and analyzing it becomes a challenge. Designing the right datacenter on-premises seems difficult, and a hybrid solution turns out to be the ideal answer where extra resources are taken when necessary. However, this solution adds complexity to your infrastructure. You gain flexibility and are more dynamic but you raise new questions: “Where should I launch this job?”, “How can I automatically scale up and scale down?”, “Do I have to develop different workflows for each environment?”
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While there are varying estimates and forecasts for the number of smart connected devices, studies shows that there will be between 30 to 50 billion connected devices by 2020. According to industry analysts IDC, the IoT market will be of US$8.9 trillion by 2020, with three segments – consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare – accounting for more than 50% of the total market in revenue terms. ActiveEon has joined Com4Innov, an innovative platform dedicated to tests and validations covering the Internet of Things, 4G and soon 5G. ActiveEon solution facilitates developments, tests and validation in the area of networks and mobile services. ActiveEon solution translates Business Process to IT enabling automation and cost reduction. The Workflow expressivity, composition with an open REST API and Legacy integration with multiple connectors, allows to accelerate the development of test plan and scale deployment.

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ProActive Workflows & Scheduling can easily operate on HPC infrastructures as a metascheduler with all classic schedulers: LSF, PBS Pro, SGE, Slurm... To do that ProActive Scheduler tasks are submitted as sub-scheduler jobs. Try it now!
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