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At a glance

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is an open source job scheduling software for IT automation that distributes workloads and applications to accelerate their execution. The solution includes a workflow studio user interface with a workflow orchestrator allowing to set dependencies between multi-language tasks. It also includes pre-made workflows for various business needs (big data analysis, machine learning, finance, cloud automation, etc.). The solution is cross-plaftorm and cloud-oriented, and manages heterogeneous computing resources: on-premises, clusters, clouds. The scalability of ProActive Workflows & Scheduling solution has been tested on over 20000 CPU cores, and demonstrated resource elasticity, automatically scaling up and down depending on the workload, which helps save money on licences costs and VMs. All the features are available through REST API or CLI.

Workflow Studio

ProActive Workflow Studio

Easily design efficient workflows

The Workflow Studio provides an easy to use graphical interface for creating your workflows as a representation of your distributed computations. Consisting on the definition of one or more tasks and their dependencies, you are able to set advanced flow controls such as replication, if/else branching and loops.

Workflow Studio exists in two versions: a multi-platform native client (compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS X), and a web interface directly accessible from your web browser.

Web Portals

Everything from your web browser

The Scheduler Web Portal is dedicated to users running workflows. From there you can submit workflows, monitor their execution and retrieve results. Remote visualization of graphical tasks is also possible directly from the browser. Progress of Workflow execution is graphically visible in the portal.

The Resource Manager Web Portal allows administrators to operate the platform and users to monitor their resources. It is the place where you can connect compute resources and monitor them, and even control dynamic policy-based provisioning of resources.

ProActive Workflow Studio

Workload Automation

ProActive Job Planner

Flexibility is your key to increase productivity

ProActive handles all kind of workload automation from scientific simulations to IT processes and data processing. With Workflows & Scheduling, you can automate a large panel of tasks: Native processes, Java applications, Shell Scripts, Javascripts, and any JSR223-compatible script engine. Distribute them easily and focus on your business!

Workflows & Scheduling can achieve productivity improvement for many different use cases, from CFD simulations with MPI based apps, to IT automation reusing a mix of native executables and custom made tasks.

Your recurring tasks can be easily planned. Be notified by email once the job is done.

Resource Management

Aggregate resources to reduce infrastructure costs

Aggregate and manage resources from different infrastructures. Resources coming from multiple origins are unified as ProActive Nodes (usually tied to the number of cores available on a compute host) and can be accessed transparently: Desktop machines (Windows, Linux, MacOS X), all kind of stand-alone server machines, cluster nodes managed by common batch-schedulers (Slurm, LSF, SGE) and private or public Clouds resources (OpenStack, CloudStack, VMWare, Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, Numergy, etc.)

Control the resources acquisition behavior according to various resource management policies such as load based or time based.

ProActive Workflow Studio

Job planner

ProActive Workflow Studio

Automate execution of recurring jobs

Job planner allows to set up custom and recurrent execution of selected workflows based on calandar rules. You can schedule recurring jobs (i.e. every hour, every 1st day of the month, every week day, etc.) or even integrate with any other calendars (office holidays, maintenance days, etc.) to completely automate batch job execution. Once the rules are defined, the job planner offers a complete calendar visualization of all workflows scheduled per year, month, week or day.

Desktop Agents

ProActive Workflow Studio

Keep the control of your machines

Desktop machines are often under-used IT resources. Desktop Agent smart software offers this computational power in a unified platform, while keeping usage under control for the sake of desktop end-users.

It runs as a background service under a restricted user and does not interfere with the day-to-day usage of the desktop machine. Typical configuration consists in the definition of a weekly working plan (like night or weekend) or limitation of memory and CPU usage. Desktop Agents are currently available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Linux.

ProActive desktop agent installed on a compute host starts and stops ProActive nodes according to a schedule, restarts ProActive nodes in case of failure and enforces resource limits for the tasks.

File Sharing

All your data on all your resources

Data integration is a key point of every business. You need to have a perfect architecture in order to integrate your data with efficiency and logic. With its Dataspaces component, Workflows & Scheduling reduces the complexity and the efforts usually needed for your data integration.

As an example, you are be able to seamlessly grab the input data from an HTTP server, process it on multiple hosts even if there is no shared file system between them, and upload the output data to an FTP server.

ProActive Workflow Studio


ProActive Workflow Studio

A unified platform for all your users and all your apps

Share all your resources with all your users with Enterprise-class user management functionalities:

  • Integration with your Active Directory or LDAP,
  • Impersonation, so users can run tasks under their system account to enforce existing system policies,
  • Authorization so resources can be tied to a group of users and advanced authorizations can be set to allow or restrict access
  • Monitoring and Accounting, allowing administrators to monitor usage of the platform for each user and application.


Unified supervision for your resources and applications

Workflows & Scheduling cares about your time and money, so it helps you troubleshooting any inconveniences you may experience during the execution or development of your business software by providing a very wide range of monitoring mechanisms accessible through our Web Portals and APIs.

At any time, you can supervise your jobs and its tasks, and get fine details on its duration, results, execution node, and failures, among others. Get the state of your execution nodes themselves: disk space left, CPU usage, memory usage, network usage, disk IO usage, list of processes. Do not forget to supervise your virtual resources: as your infrastructure grows with our cloud connectors, your supervision and control on the new virtual resources will grow too, allowing you to get vendor specific information from the IaaS service provider monitoring API.

ProActive Workflow Studio

Fault Tolerance

ProActive Workflow Studio

Be sure to get things done

Job failures might occur caused by a brief anomaly in the execution node, so marking a job as failed in such conditions could represent a waste of resources. We let you configure your workflow and specify policies of re-scheduling that better adjust to your needs.

Network failure is a phenomenon that every system administrator is aware of. Activeeon’s solution handles these scenarios and makes a best effort to recover computations executed in a lost node once it is back, saving time and money.

Outages will not mess your business up. The solution preserves the state of the scheduler, all your job results and its logs.

Energy Saving

Prepare your IT for future regulations

Energy saving is not only an option: it is also a way to be prepared to regulation regarding the energy consumption in IT departments.

Green IT in ProActive is achieved with resource policies. They give you control over resources acquisitions and promote elasticity thanks to On-Demand Computing, Desktop Machines Recycling and Cloud Bursting.

ProActive Workflow Studio


ProActive Workflow Studio

Optimize your IT with virtualization

Do not get limited by your site physical infrastructure and come with us to explore the new Pay As You Go Virtual world. Add virtual machines to your pool of resources and use them transparently to execute your workflows.

You will not experience vendor lock in as we provide support for several cloud service providers such as Azure and Numergy, and also for OpenStack, VMWare and CloudStack based providers.

Keep controls with policies that trigger cloud bursting mechanisms for the expansion of your platform towards the cloud, so you only worry about your business.


Integration with enterprise-class security

Workflows & Scheduling is a multi-user system built with security in mind.

Pluggable user authentication backends are supported. File-based and LDAP-based authentications backends are built-in. Group-based access restrictions are enforced. Finer-grained permission control is possible thanks to Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS).

Activeeon’s solution also makes it possible to cope with all enterprise firewall and filtering policies.

ProActive Workflow Studio