On October 21st 2013, ActiveEon team has a great pleasure to announce
a ProActive comprehensive new trial platform, try.activeeon.com.

You will be able to connect to our ProActive Cloud platform and try it with a free 2 000 Hours credit:

  • It's live on https://try.activeeon.com
  • It's free, just sign up and you will receive your credentials
  • It's online, nothing to install to test ProActive

On https://try.activeeon.com, you will find several tutorials that cover the basics of ProActive Parallel Suite.


Build your workflows with ProActive Studio


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Drag & drop tasks, set dependencies, parallelism and flow control
  • Fault-tolerance, placement constraints, data dependencies
  • New: Try our ProActive Web Studio (beta)




Run your jobs with ProActive Orchestration


  • Easy-to-use multi-users web interface
  • Submit and control your jobs
  • Get accounting statistics




Deploy your workload with ProActive Cloud & Grid IaaS


  • Aggregate your resources: from desktops to clusters and clouds
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Add and remove resources dynamically
  • Monitor all your resources: CPU usage, memory, processes, etc.



Enjoy and do not hesitate to try it and to leave your feedback!


ActiveEon Team


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