New ProActive Parallel Suite release is out!

   ProActive Parallel Suite 5.4.0
Stable release available, September 5th 2013!

On September 5th 2013, ActiveEon team has a great pleasure to announce a new stable version of ProActive Parallel Suite, featuring major advances for grids and Clouds:


ProActive Orchestration & Scheduling:


  • Specific task support for scripts written in Groovy, Jython, Javascript and JRuby
  • Task planification and repetition with a cron based syntax
  • Scheduler global and user spaces introduced on the server side to simplify data management
  • Node reservation mechanism
  • User email notification for finished jobs
  • Administrator email notification in case of errors
  • Direct support for Remote Visualization in Web Browsers
  • Accounting added in Scheduler portal

Performance and reliability

  • Automatic redeployment of Nodes for full reliability
  • Even improved Performance: Throughput and User Responsiveness
  • Performance improvements in the file transfer (input/output task data)
  • Improvement of the REST based CLI
  • Bug fixes in iteration and replication mechanism of the scheduler and node cleaning
  • Bug fixes on CLI regarding task and server logs retrieval

ProActive Orchestration & Scheduling allows you to easily execute all company jobs and business applications, monitor activity and view jobs results. It ensures more work done with fewer resources, maximizing utilization of existing IT Infrastructure.
Overall, ProActive improves flexibility and scalability, reduces administration costs and hardware expenditures.


ProActive Cloud & Grid IaaS:

  • Node reservation mechanism for particular users and tasks
  • Automatic redeployment of down nodes in the Resource Manager
  • Administrator email notification in case of errors
  • Groovy script engine is added to nodes
  • Bug fixes and improvements in logging, node deployment, etc...
  • See your own Busy Nodes in Cloud & Grid Portal
  • Script console in Cloud & Grid Portal: An administrator can now directly execute a script on a node for monitoring and debugging purpose

ProActive Cloud & Grid IaaS allows easily federating and managing all Enterprise IT resources. Based on dynamic policies, new computing resources are acquired/released. Monitoring allows enabling of policies to take advantage of external resources on burst.
Overall, ProActive gives you the most out of your existing infrastructure, regardless of OS and architecture.


ProActive Workflow & Parallelization:

  • Improvement of GCM deployment compatibility with Windows
  • Improvement of Active Object and Half Body URLs readability
  • PAMR router reliability
  • ServeWithException method now added to the Service interface
  • Support for multi-configuration DataSpaces with several Apache VFS
  • Script Task type added in ProActive Studio

ProActive Studio features a graphical environment for constructing, documenting, and executing HPC Workflows. A workflow is a parallel combination of native or virtualized tasks. Features are also available from a rich set of APIs and CLI, and as PaaS.
Overall, ProActive offers a complete platform for accelerating Workflow and Business application on the Cloud.

Product Focus

The toolbox ProActive Scilab is available for download in ATOMS, the Scilab module manager
Large Scale Parallel Computing in Scilab with ProActive Scheduler.
The goal of ProActive Cloud Connector is to equip Scilab with a generic interface to Grid and Cloud computing. It allows the deployment of Scilab instances on several computing nodes of various infrastructures, and to use these instances like computing engines. The computing nodes can be heterogeneous Linux, Windows or Mac machines. Learn more...

As always, all products within the suite are fully compatible and provide a very comprehensive Open Source solution for Grid and Cloud computing.

Learn more with detailed description and release note!


ProActive Production deployment

Partnership between ActiveEon and AS+Groupe EOLEN
AS+Groupe EOLEN and ActiveEon, two members of Teratec, partner to deliver advanced Grid and Cloud solutions to customers
AS+Groupe EOLEN has chosen ProActive Parallel Suite to promote value added Grid and Cloud services. For ActiveEon, it is another demonstration of its ability to market its Proactive software as a Cloud enable for outsourcing. Read more...


Cloud Brokering with GDF SUEZ
GDF SUEZ and ActiveEon presentation of Cloud Broker: VMware/Openstack Multi-Cloud Integration for 36 institutions in Grand Paris
Discover the slides that demonstrate ActiveEon's brokering solutions.
In use today for VMware and OpenStack, and also available for CloudStack, EC2, HP Cloud, Windows Azure.
Presentation given at Solutions Linux Open Source, May 28th 2013


News in brief

ActiveEon's CEO Denis Caromel interviewed by TechTarget China, major Chinese IT Journal:
"Explore Open Source Cloud Computing with ProActive"

In this recent article published in August 2013, TechTarget present to China how ActiveEon has been involved in many advanced Cloud activities with its product and Open Source solutions ProActive. The interview is also the opportunity for Denis Caromel, ActiveEon CEO and Founder, to explain about ProActive added value for OpenStack and Cloud security.
Click here to read more about this article in Chinese

ActiveEon joins EDEN, European Defense Economic Network!

Interview with Denis Caromel at Cloud Computing World expo 2013
Click here to see the video

ActiveEon has been approved as a Citrix Ready Partner
Sebastien Goasguen, Citrix, Cloud Computing Evangelist blogs on ProActive and ActiveEon

Frédéric Aatz, Microsoft, Director of Interoperability, blogs on OW2, Openness in the Cloud, and ActiveEon-Microsoft collaboration
For more details...



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