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                           New ProActive Parallel Suite release is out !

ProActive Parallel Suite 5.3.2
Stable release available, December 12th 2012!

First of all, we are proud to announce the 2012 OW2 awards Technology Council Special Prize Winner for the ProActive-CLIF-Fractal integration during the latest OW2 conference, November 28th 2012. For the video click here

This award is community recognition for the integration work that led to the Community Clouds for Load Testing using ProActive and CLIF, currently under deployment at Orange.

On December 12th 2012, ActiveEon team has also the great pleasure to announce a new stable version of ProActive Parallel Suite, featuring new advances for Grids and Clouds.

ProActive Production deployment

ProActive Parallel Suite® shortens the time for the analysis of the treatment of TV audience measure for Médiamétrie
Médiamétrie, a leader in media studies, counts on ActiveEon and ProActive Parallel Suite in the framework of speeding up of its solutions for audience analysis. Read more...

BELFIUS Bank reinforces its trust in ActiveEon and its ProActive Parallel Suite solution for distributed computing in Private Cloud mode
The ProActive Parallel Suite solution demonstrated the value of the parallelization of financial application processing for DEXIA during a first set of very significant tests in 2011, and transition to the production use of ProActive Parallel Suite. For more details...

Orange and ActiveEon partner to deploy ProActive CLIF: Cloud Enabled Load Injection
Two mature OW2 frameworks, CLIF and ProActive, are successfully used together in order to provide Cloud Enabled Load Injection. Soon on-line...

Product Focus

New version of Matlab & Scilab Interface:
The new release of Matlab & Scilab connectors improves drastically the fault-tolerance when running Matlab and Scilab distributed jobs. Various fault scenarios such as disconnection from the scheduler, Matlab and Scilab client crash, are now handled seamlessly with the ability to restart a computation to the point right before the crash. Matlab & Scilab clients can now behave in a fully "disconnected" approached with the Scheduler: submitting jobs, receiving results and connecting/disconnecting at will. Learn more....

ProActive Workflow & Parallelization:

  • Major improvements in AMQP protocol:
    • Performance was greatly improved and is now on par with pamr.
    • New amqp-federation protocol allows using multiple federated brokers.
    • Support for ssh tunneling for connection to the broker.
  • Amazon S3 provider now added to the VFSFactory.

ProActive Workflow & Parallelization accelerates and scales your most demanding applications, allows you to build up elasticity, and to seamlessly execute on premises and in the Clouds.

Proactive Orchestration & Scheduling:

Performance and Stability

- Complete redesign of the Database layer, resulting in major improvements in performance: faster start-up, reduce memory consumption. Support for non persistent storage.
-  Many bug fixes resulting in a even more stable product.
- Improvements with respect to stability in the resource selection mechanism


- New command line client based on REST communications
- New user friendly APIs for retrieving logs related to tasks execution
- Logging system improved - it is easier to trace issues on remote task execution
- New caching mechanism for input and output files which prevent network errors from compromising the workflow data transfers
- Data transfer now supports Amazon S3 file systems

The ProActive Scheduler allows easy distribution of all your applications (Native, Java, Scripts, Matlab, Scilab, GPU, etc.), together with Dynamic Workflows. It provides automatic input and output file transfer, fault tolerance, resource selection and configuration through scripting (Javascript, Ruby, Python), multi-core and topology control.

ProActive Cloud & Grid IaaS:

- New lightweight REST API for accessing the server
- Improvements and bug fixes related to the server reliability and better node management
- Better logging on remote nodes

The ProActive Cloud & Grid IaaS Server is the software for coupling distributed resources in order to solve large-scale problems, using desktops, servers, clusters and clouds.

As always, all products within the suite are fully compatible and provide a very comprehensive Open Source solution for Grid and Cloud computing.

Learn more with detailed description and release note!

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