How does Workflow automation make your business running faster?

Our workflow automation will reduce the cost of managing storage, reliable, fast, and customized for strategic applications. You will have under control all your processes running on different virtualized and cloud environments. We will help you to set up virtualization environment (including a storage switch or data store) and use it in a more efficient way.

How does workflow automation work?

Workflow automation is a series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on various conditions such as application or machine status. Workflow automation will organize workflows for virtualized and cloud environments, integrate IT processes, provision, migrate, or decommission storage for databases or file systems.

Workflow automation solution offers by Activeeon.

  • Workflow Studio: Easily design efficient workflows

The Workflow Studio provides an easy to use graphical interface for creating your workflows as a representation of your distributed computations. Consisting on the definition of one or more tasks and their dependencies, you are able to set advanced flow controls such as replication, if/else branching and loops.

Workflow Studio is directly accessible from your web browser.