Discover scientific computing and its solution offered by ActiveEon.

As modern scientific and engineering problems grow in complexity, the computation time and memory requirement increase and parallel computing becomes a necessity. Activeeon will provide you solution to make scientific computing simple to manage. We will help you organize your scientific and engineering environments such as Matlab, Scilab and R. You will have a possibility to execute and manage data transfers in the cloud (on other Desktop machines, Clusters, Grids and Clouds).

With ProActive Parallel Scientific Toolbox, you can accelerate your scientific computing and statistical computations, all in a single tool.

Accelerate your statistical and scientific computing – discover our solution during 30 trial days!

Our team of IT experts will guide you while trying to create, schedule and manage your virtual environment. We will do our best to accelerate and orchestrate your applications, seamlessly integrated with the management of high-performance Clouds (Private and Public with bursting capabilities).

Use our solutions of scientific computing to set up, maintain and manage your own IT infrastructure. We will present you graphical, easy to use interface to create your workflows as a representation of distributed computations. You will be able to monitor your workflows, aggregate and manage resources from different infrastructures, share all your resources to all your users, configure your workflow and specify policies of re-scheduling that better adjust to your needs. Make your virtual environment grow in strength, thanks to our solution of scientific computing!

What does scientific computing mean for your business?

First of all, scientific computing will give to your business an opportunity to lower the costs and make the complexity of IT operations easier. Our team offers you solutions of IT automation that will align your virtual machines with business goals. We will let your support business grow with simple IT infrastructure.

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