Distributed computing:
The best solution to accelerate your business

What is distributed computing?

To say it shortly, distributed computing is a model of deployed structure where different parts of applications run simultaneously on multiple computing engines. This structure can be represented as grids, clusters or clouds. Distributed computing was developed to improve and accelerate the execution of calculations.

Why distributed computing is important?

Distributed computing solution helps to manage scientific and engineering complex problems. Thanks to distributed computing it will be possible to fulfill your operational needs effectively.

How distributed computing can help your business?

The main role of distributed computing in your business will be to serve up the mission-critical needs of business processes across the entire chain. Nowadays, this solution helps to inject efficiencies, effectiveness and agility into the supporting information systems and business processes.

Activeeon gives to your disposal distributed computing solutions that will help you to have a deeper insight into the business goals and objectives. Our experts will help you to manage all transitions and transformations of technological landscape of your network. Thanks to our solutions you will achieve to utilize effectively your computing models, follow your strategy and reach your business goals.

ProActive Distributed Matlab

ProActive Distributed Matlab will help you run your computations faster and optimize your license costs. ProActive Big Data Automation is flexible, and can deploy on heterogeneous infrastructures. Learn more...

ProActive Distributed Scilab

It is a free, open source equivalent to Matlab. Choose our grid computing solution to accelerate your computations using all your resources. Scilab is a It offers the same basic functionalities such as easy matrix manipulation, implementation of algorithms, interfacing. It is known as Matlab’s best open source alternative. Learn more...

ProActive Distributed R

ProActive Distributed R integrates with the R Project for Statistical Computing to allow distributed and remote execution of R functions on heterogeneous infrastructures (Linux, Windows, MacOS X) through a powerful and user-friendly API directly from R command-line interpreter. Learn more...

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