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ActiveEon Automation and Orchestration of Serviceces and Workloads is now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help you meet your business needs. Running your solutions in the AWS Cloud with ActiveEon Orchestration can help you get your applications up and running faster while providing the same level of security that organizations like Pfizer, Intuit, and the US Navy rely on.

Activeeon enables and simplifies application migration to Google Cloud with minimal transformations in agile mode. Google Cloud Platform is a part of a suite of enterprise services from Google Cloud and provides a set of modular cloud-based services with a host of development tools. For example, hosting and computing, cloud storage, data storage, translations APIs and prediction APIs.

March 2013, Santa Clara, ActiveEon approved as a Citrix Ready Partner!
Citrix Ready identifies recommended solutions that are trusted to enhance the Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure. All products featured in Citrix Ready have completed verification testing thereby providing customer confidence in joint solution compatibility. It showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet various customer needs.
Our Solution, ProActive Parallel Suite is part of those few ones approved by Citrix.

White Klay is an ActiveEon partner for India & Singapore. The company has developed a major focus on a work line which encapsulates distributed computing and scaled high performance computing. This has resulted in some major technology innovations inside the market which revolve around the cloud computing field. White Klay has chosen ProActive Parallel Suite® from ActiveEon to boost productivity in cloud platforms. White Klay customers base consists of Education, Government labs, BSFI, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Health & Pharma, Legal Entities and many others across India & Singapore.

IT Synergy is an ActiveEon partner for Egypt & Middle East.
IT Synergy  is dedicated to technology research and technology-to-market matching. It provides consulting services in the field of ICT for development to governments, private companiesand international organizations in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. IT Synergy has a great track record for matching local market requirements to key Open Source strengths. IT Synergy and ActiveEon  have a persistent belief in technology and open source as catalysts for development and competitive advantage.

HP and ActiveEon partner to provide a solution for application deployment and execution optimization in the contexte of Service Orientated Grid Architecture. learn more…

ActiveEon partners with Intel in order to Multi-Core enable your software using ProActive Parallel Suite.

IBM partners with ActiveEon to offer ProActive Cloud Automation on its BlueMix Marketplace. Directly hosted by IBM infratructures, ProActive Cloud Automation can be deployed in 21 locations around the world, offering to the customer a comprehensive and flexible Cloud Automation Solution.

The two companies announce an official agreement to deliver new flexible Cloud services to customers. ActiveEon is now in a position to officially offer Azure services with added values, and Microsoft now resale ActiveEon software as a Cloud enabler being part of Windows Azure Store.

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini offers an array of integrated services that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise and a strong command of its key businesses.

Atos is a European IT services corporation, specialized in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data ans cybersecurity services.

Mastek specialises in building, maintaining and managing digital solutions for clients in Government, Health, Retail, and, Financial Services. The applications Mastek builds tend to have dynamically evolving requirements that are difficult to pin down and specify clearly, upfront. They also tend to be complex, and sometimes very large, requiring multiple points of integration with the clients’ enterprise applications landscape.

PA Consulting is an independent firm of over 2,600 technologists, innovators, go-getters, strategists, leaders, developers… PA Consulting operates globally from offices across the Americas, Europe, the Nordics, the Gulf and Asia Pacific. PA Consulting specializes in consumer and manufacturing, defence and security, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, life sciences, and transport, travel and logistics.

ActiveEon partners with NVIDIA in order to schedule and deploy NVIDIA GPU programs on Single- or Multi-GPU hosts using ProActive Parallel Suite.

SILKAN develops and integrates high performance simulation solutions and numerical simulation, with embedded real time critical systems and safety. SILKAN embedded simulation and safety critical solutions have been conceived using the in-house operational expertise of a team which has been active in the simulation community for more than 15 years. Together with SILKAN products and integrated solutions, ActiveEon can answer the growing demand of integrated Performance and Simulation Solutions.

Uniform Management of Enterprise Grid and Clouds Infrastructure for both CPU and GPU computing.

The EOLEN Group is committed to providing its clients with customised solutions using a multidisciplinary approach. EOLEN client list includes many important businesses across thriving industry sectors such as aeronautics, space, energy, finance, healthcare, telecom. Through our partnership, EOLEN's Clients benefit from the most advanced solutions in Distributed, Parallel, Grid and Cloud Computing provided by ActiveEon software.

Pricing Partners associates with ActiveEon to accelerate Pricing Systems for Finance. learn more…

ComputeNext is a transparent cloud service brokerage platform that offers single Sign-on access to worldwide cloud providers. ActiveEon and ComputeNext partner in order first, to offer customers using ProActive for Private and Hybrid Cloud the capacity to seamlessly burst on ComputeNext platform, and, second, to offer ComputeNext customers to take advantage of ProActive Cloud Workflows, together with dynamic scheduling  and orchestration, elasticity, and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

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