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ActiveEon launches its Hybrid Cloud Solution integrating the Windows Azure platform [Wednesday January, 22nd 2014]



ActiveEon launches its Hybrid Cloud Solution with Orchestration Services integrating the Windows Azure platform

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Paris and Sophia Antipolis, January 22th 2014 - ActiveEon announces the availability of its Online Hybrid Cloud solution with Orchestration drawing on the public cloud of Microsoft, Windows Azure. The first customer reference is an SME which can thus access easily to an advanced Cloud solution.

Through this solution, ActiveEon is now able to officially offer Microsoft Cloud enhanced with added value services, and Microsoft is delighted to welcome ActiveEon and its software on the Windows Azure Store. This integration with the Microsoft ecosystem is announced together with the new release of the ActiveEon flagship product, ProActive Paralle Suite® (version 5.4), now with dedicated Windows Azure specific components.

This business and technology partnership with Microsoft has provided new services with exceptional added value. Firstly, it is now possible for a company to manage heterogeneous in-house infrastructure (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac), with cloud bursting on the Windows Azure platform. Application elasticity, business priority and recoveries will be completely controlled by IT management while minimizing IT Capex. Furthermore, ProActive Workflow Orchestrator and Scheduler is now directly available in SaaS mode on the Windows Azure platform, immediately accessible to users without the need to set up a Private or Hybrid Cloud. Both solutions being fully compatible and evolutive, a company can easily evolve from one to another according to its needs and strategy.

For all customers, the return on investment is immediate: important cost savings on infrastructure and system administration, acceleration of applications, enhancing the quality of service and SLA reinforcement. In just a few clicks, companies can accelerate the treatments of Web Services, Mobile Applications... More, CIO can maintain strong in-house expertise and full control of their internal Cloud, while benefiting at the same time from Windows Azure usage and controlled and seamless overflow.

Denis Caromel, ActiveEon Founder and CEO states: “Today, it is clear that the evolution to Cloud is fundamentally conditioned by the management of the flexibility and the heterogeneity. In partnership with Microsoft, we allow our customers to build an open Cloud with Windows Azure".

"Microsoft’s strong partnership with ActiveEon is perfectly in line with the Microsoft strategy of collaboration and openness in the Cloud for our worldwide customers. The Windows strength plus the interoperability and the Open Source with Linux (e.g. Suse) in mixed environments are a key objective for us. ActiveEon’s advanced technology perfectly fits that objective. Advanced services such as workflow orchestration directly in the Cloud and open APIs allowing PaaS mode, perfectly complete the Windows Azure offers.” declared Frederic Aatz, Director of Interoperability at Microsoft France.

A typical installation has been successfully achieved with ActiveEon’s customer SCP (Société du Canal de Provence). The SCP mission is the development and management of water resources, in order to provide a safe and reliable water supply for agriculture, industry and domestic use. SCP has strong credentials in over 40 countries in the fields of water development, management and engineering, as well as in operation and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructures.

SCP uses ProActive and the Windows Azure Cloud platform to accelerate the IRMA application that simulates and computes settings and optimal parameters for water distribution networks.  ActiveEon seamlessly accelerates IRMA execution, deploys it on a private Cloud specifically built with ProActive over SCP internal resources (Windows and Unix), and carries it out transparently, as well on Windows Azure Cloud. Including and managing automatically the data and result transfers, with ActiveEon, SCP is able to execute IRMA runs that were lasting 3 full days, in only 30 minutes on Windows Azure.


About ActiveEon:

ActiveEon is your technological partner to accelerate and upscale your infrastructure and applications in the area of Cloud computing. An INRIA spin-off founded in 2007, with headquarters in the Sophia Antipolis Techno Park, France, ActiveEon is an Open Source Professional company editing OW2 ProActive Parallel Suite®. It supplies to its customers, support, consulting, integration and development, subscription and OEM partnership. ProActive optimizes the execution of the most demanding applications, company workflows, numerical and financial simulations, Matlab™ and Scilab, and data analysis (Map/Reduce). ActiveEon is your dedicated partner for advanced Cloud automation.

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