About Activeeon

About ActiveEon

ActiveEon is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) providing innovative solutions for IT automation, acceleration and scalability, Big Data, Internet of Things, Distributed and parallel applications. ActiveEon helps companies automate their business to accelerate their Go-To-Market and get competitive advantage. ActiveEon offers ProActive, a suite of software solutions available in SaaS mode, both in the Cloud and on premises:

- ProActive Workflows and Scheduling
- ProActive Cloud Automation
- ProActive Big Data Automation

ActiveEon is a spin-off from INRIA, French institute for Computer Science. The core technology of ActiveEon products was initially developed by a team of about 40 developers and researchers, and has been heavily improved since by ActiveEon R&D team. ActiveEon is also now a Docker member and was laureate of the IT Forum for Innovation prize in 2016.
ActiveEon serves big and medium companies with needs in IT automation, acceleration and scalability in the context of Big Data, Internet of Things, HPC. ActiveEon works with customers from varied fields: IT companies, Engineering, Energy, Aeronautics, Bio Tech, Media, Distribution, IoT, Finance, etc.

We have major customers such as L’OREAL, ORANGE, CEA, HOME OFFICE (Ministry of Interior in UK), AxisPoint/McKESSON (Healthcare, USA), and more.

Global locations

ActiveEon Headquarters are located in Sophia Antipolis technological park (French Riviera, between Nice and Cannes), and the company also has offices in Paris, Lyon-Rhône-Alpes-Switzerland Area, London (UK), San Jose (CA, USA), Sofia (Bulgaria). More info