What is IT automation?

IT automation allows creating a linking of disparate systems and softwares in such a way that they become self-acting or self-regulating. Nowadays, IT automation became one of the main priorities in managing of workflows in your network. It will be the best solution to improve and accelerate the execution of calculations, adopted worldwide, even required in IT world. IT automation goes hand-in-hand with virtualization, cloud, and grid & distributed computing promising flexibility, cost savings and scalability.

What IT automation brings to your business?

First of all, IT Automation will give to your business an opportunity to lower the costs and make the complexity of IT operations easier. It will let you control your business with precision and will indicate what each department of your activity needs.

Let us create for your business self-acting and self-regulating system and software! We will guide you to create a clear infrastructure, easy to deployed, configured and managed. IT Automation offered by Activeeon will be the best solution promising cost-savings, flexibility and massive scalability.

Our solutions of IT automation

Our team offers you solutions of IT automation that will align your virtual machines with business goals. We will let your support business growth with simple IT infrastructure.

Learn more about our ProActive Cloud Automation and all its advantages:

  • Automating the deployment of multi-VMs applications
  • Automatic Scaling – Choosing the right size for your actual load
  • Monitoring - An insight into your system to make the right decision
  • Fault Tolerance - Minimize failures impact with automation
  • Reducing Costs - Using the right resources. Optimizing your infrastructure costs
  • Maintenance - Controlling your backups, upgrades and life-cycles
  • Reversibility - Avoiding Vendor Locking. Migrating back and forth between OpenStack, VMWare, etc